Businesses Owners: 3 Actions to Amplify your Authority through Digital and Social Media

Updated: Dec 20, 2020

As a business owner, a brand or an influential individual in the digital world, you need to know that your future customers, more than ever, are looking to their peers for third-party validation before trusting and buying from you. As a director and social media strategist with an interest in social authority amplification, I came across 2 articles that highlights the importance of building trust to establish yourself as the go-to authority in your field of expertise.

The first article, titled “Social Authority” By Daniel Isaiah, highlights how your social capital grows the more you give. As your contribution of valuable information and your mastery of subject matter grows, your willingness to share your expertise with your community will facilitate new ways for people to discover you and tap into your expertise. The article goes on to highlight the importance of Social Authority as the new form of capital that grows in value with use.

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The second article published on The Core Blog by DMA Solutions, and titled “Using Social Media to Build Brand Authority” highlights the importance of leveraging social media as one of the most powerful tools for establishing and fostering brand authority. This article also echoes the importance of establishing brand authority as a trusted resource that provides incredible value for customers.

Drawing on the two articles along with my experience working with senior leadership on digital and social media strategy, here are 3 action items you should take today to amplify your authority through digital and social media:

  • Give more - Give more than you get to lubricate the wheels of commerce.

  • What you know is not enough - Focus on 'who knows you' as well as 'what you are known for'.

  • Monitor your Ad spend - Your ads should be expanding your social reach as well as delivering new visitors to your website.

-- More authority you build, faster your reputation spreads --

Tanoj Udawattage

My name of Tanoj and I am the director of DEUS Marketing {Ai};. I help businesses, brands and individuals amplify their authority through digital and social media.

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