Business Owners: 3 Actions for Making your Customers Feel Valued

As a business owner, you will have far more success retaining loyal customers if they feel that you are on their side. In my experience working with small and medium sized business, the number 1 reason businesses gave for leaving their current business partners was because they felt they were being taken for granted.

Your customers feel neglected when they are not engaged. A study conducted by Job Blount found that almost 70% of customers are lost by businesses due to customer neglect.

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Engagement starts with asking how you can help. Customer engagement requires understanding your customer needs and interests, starting conversations and pulling customers in with stories. This requires you to involve your customers in a deeper and more sustaining relationship, rather than talking to your customers about what you are selling to them.

Drawing on my experience with managing customer success across digital and social media campaign delivery, here are 3 steps I recommend that you should take to authentically and meaningfully engage with your customers.

  • Show Value – Celebrate your customers’ achievements and how you contribute to their success through customer success stories.

  • Consistency Breeds Trust – Maintain a consistent brand message across the key social media platforms that your high value customers are on.

  • Throw out the Old Sales Playbook – Aggressive sales tactics are outdated. Instead, take your customers to your virtual community for them to connect with you for support.

Your customers expect your relationship with them to go beyond the products and services they purchase from you. A great way for making your customers feel valued is through customer success stories that shows how you worked together to deliver an amazing result.

My name of Tanoj and I am the director of DEUS Marketing {Ai};. Our mission is to help businesses continually engage and delight their customers in new ways.

I have over 10 years of experience in digital media across search, social and programmatic advertising. I have had hands-on experience with machine learning and neural network algorithms, as well as applying systems thinking approaches to modelling complex problems. Reach out or connect with me at @DEUSMarketingAi

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