Schelling's Model for Social Media Location Targeting Strategy

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

When taking a Systems Thinking approach to Social Media Strategy, we found Schelling’s Model particularly useful when it comes to location targeting research for Facebook and Instagram Ads.

Schelling’s model takes into consideration that people who hang-out together tend to have similar characteristics where they tend to think, look, and act alike. In most instances, people also modify their own behaviour to match that of the people that they regularly associate with.

Schelling’s model takes into account the effects of what is referred to as 'sorting' where we choose to surround ourselves with people similar to us and ‘peer-effects’ where we change our behaviour to match that of others.

This behaviour creates groups of people that are similar to each other, and when modelled, some unexpected and unintended characteristics emerge. Below is a great short video that illustrates the effects of this model.

Models are a great way to help us understand the world, but keep in mind that models are not a real representation of the world we live in. However, they can be useful when applied in the right context.

In the next post, we will explore Granovetter's model, which can be a useful tool for developing your next Social Media Influencer strategy.

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