Agents, Many Models and Social Media

Updated: Nov 30, 2020

A single model can never represent the complete picture, especially when addressing problems that are dynamically complex, therefore a many-models approach is always preferable. However, before delving deeper into understanding other models, let’s take a brief detour to understand Agent Based Models and why they are an effective tool in the context of Social Media.

In Agent Based Models, agents are the object of the models and these agents can be people, countries, organisations and so on. Agents behave in certain ways by rules that govern their behaviours. By running the simulations, these agents create a final outcome at the macro level of the model. Agents Based Models can reveal interesting findings where the outcomes are often surprising and not what we would have expected.

In a Social Media context, Agent Based Models enable us to emulate behaviour, create artificial population and let them interact to better understand people’s social motives.

These short videos from the University of Groningen provides a great overview of the benefits of Agent Based models.

1. Introduction to Agent Based Model

2. Benefits of Agent Based Models

3. How to Thinking in terms of Agent Based Models

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