Workout with Dumbbells

My passion for exercise and movement ignited after a spinal injury that severely limited my mobility.  I took on Yoga as a way of increasing my mobility, flexibility and Mindfulness Meditation as a way of focusing the mind to heal the body.

I am now a qualified Yoga and Mindfulness teacher. Exercise for me has become a daily practice for over 5 years.

I have completed a Master of Commerce in Marketing (USYD), an Undergraduate Degree in Engineering Management (RMIT), and I am currently completing a Masters in Digital Communication, Culture and Complex Systems (USYD).

I feel that it is now my turn to spread the love and share my proven strategies with all business owners.

Why Work with Me

My name Tanoj and I founded DEUS Marketing to make digital and social media work for small and medium size business that do not have the budgets to hire the services of agencies.


To achieve this goals, I bring a wealth of knowledge that goes beyond digital marketing. I have over 10 years of experience in digital media across video, search, social and display advertising. I have had hands-on experience in machine learning, neural networks, data science as well as applying systems thinking approaches to modelling complex problems.

While others measure what is easy to measure, my team and I show our clients what should be measured. We do not bother with vanity metrics or executing trivial solutions for solving complex problems. We focus on conversion metrics that deliver real and measurable results for our clients.  Our relentless focus on finding ways to lower the Cost per Action (CPA) is how we ensure our clients get the maximum results for the minimum cost per result. 

Reinforcing Feedback-Loops is the key to rapid growth. For this reason, we set up Integrated Ad-Funnels for our clients.  Funnels allow us to setup Mutually Exclusive and Collectively Exhaustive strategies. This allows for rigorous testing and learning that repeatedly build on what has worked in the past.

We can show you how this system will work for your business.