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About Us
"We are NOT a Digital Media/Marketing Agency "

We will never tell you that a 4.37 ROAS is amazing when your expenses are greater than your revenue. Return on Ad Spend (ROAS) is a meaningless metric when your marketing is not generating a profit that can be reinvested to grow your business! 

Instead, we look at your Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) and Customer Lifetime Value (CLTV) and focus of executing strategies that move the needle in the right direction.


Why we do What we do
"The Right way, Faster "

Our {mission}; is to grow your business by 10 X the right way, faster.

Our {purpose}; is to answer a single question - What will it take to grow your revenue by 10 X in 12 months?

We {value}; taking risks and managing uncertainty the right way.

"DEUS Marketing helped us identify times on our website where we were missing out on showing  personalised messaging for our lunchtime and afternoon visitors. The extra promotions we delivered resulted in a 41.4% increase in revenue during these periods"


Our Services
"Social Media Advertising.  Marketing Automation.  Search Advertising PPC. "

1. Market Research + Campaign Tracking

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Before we do anything else we do the research, look at target customer profiles and pair that with a comprehensive list of deliverables in order to confidently take your business to the next level

"We noticed a lot of the visitiers on our website (with accounts that we could track) were falling off before they were actually making any purchases. DEUS Marketing helped us with a strategy to entice these customers to come back to finalise their purchases with an email marketing strategy which drove revenue up for us by 86.7% "

2. Setup x Execution

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After the research is complete, we develop and execute your highly targeted end-to-end campaign strategy. Different audiences will be grouped together based on similar characteristics so that each message is carefully crafted for relevance.

"DEUS Marketing showed us how to understand the lifetime value of our customers and developed a loyalty marketing strategy to increase repeat sales. This increased our average customer lifetime value by 22.37%"

3. [(A/B Testing) + (Management)] x Optimization

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On a monthly, weekly, daily basis, we analyse and optimise your campaigns by removing underperforming campaigns, testing new strategies, implementing ongoing improvements and optimisations to drive revenue growth

"DEUS Marketing helped us analyse the path to conversion on our website and reduced the number of steps it took a customer to complete a purchase. We worked together to reduce the path to conversion by 48.6% which increased average revenue by 36.3%" 

What we Do
"We work with business to identify opportunities for growth and help them with executing a plan of action to 10 X their revenue growth over 12 months"


Our comprehensive growth framework will take your business growth to the next level. Want to know more?

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